Braai: What is it exactly?


Bring & Braai is a known phenomenon. The person who organizes the braai, is responsible for the braai equipment and the location, the others for the rest. You join in a meal and it is a custom to bring your own meat and drinks to a braai. Fun Fact: chicken is not considered as meat but as ‘vegetarian dish’. Therefore choose rather to bring traditional ‘boerewors’, steak or spareribs. But it is also very much appreciated if you bring a salad, or a potatoe salad or “braai toe broodjies” – sandwiches with cheese, onion and tomato.

If you think braaing and barbecuing is the same, then you are wrong. A braai may mean ‘barbecue’ in the South African language, but it is not the same. With a barbecue you make the food often ready on charcoal, while with a braai you use wood. In South Africa they often grill large pieces of meat on the braai and you also keep it warm on the braai. It is only served when all the meat is ready.

In addition to meat on the braai, stews in a cast iron pot is also prepared on the braai, also known as ‘potjiekos’. This stew dates from the time that the South African farmers (Boers) emigrated from the Cape Colony into the interior of South Africa. Everything they came across along the road, they saved up in this pot and prepared a stew in the evening in this cast iron casserole.

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Do you plan to braai yourself? You can do it! But think about the following points:

Use the correct braai wood
on the South African braai don’t you use charcoal, but wood and you burn this wood to charcoal yourself. Make sure that the wood you use is the correct type of wood, it must be heavy, dense wood, such as SlowWwood Braai Wood.

What do we eat as side dish?
In addition to the meat, it is nice to have some side dishes. Think of salads, braai sandwiches (“toe broodjies”), baked potato, and so on.

Invite a many friends as possible
A braai is not just eating together. The coziness is also very important! Ask your friends to bring food and drinks, then the event is guaranteed to be a party!


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