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Braai / BBQ wood

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SlowWwood is born out of love for the braai (BBQ), fireplace and wood. Because the men behind SlowWwood grew up in South Africa, Braaien (to BBQ) is part of their culture. Braaien is what Dutch people know as BBQ and what they often do on charcoal. With the braai, you make a fire with dense hardwoods and you burn the wood till you have your own coals. Coals made from SlowWwood premium braai/BBQ wood keeps their heat for 2 to 3 times longer than European hard woods (oak, beech, ash) and gives a beautiful long glowing coal.

Because it has been dried under the African sun, it will burn easy and with little smoke. It also gives a wonderful flavor to the meat. In South Africa they put large pieces of meat on the braai and let them grill slowly. This in contrast to the sausage and satay sticks as Dutch people often put on the charcoal.

Advantages of the slowWwood wood

  • From sustainable forest management.
  • Burn time 2 times longer than all European hardwoods.
  • Easy to light.
  • Moisture percentage < 18%.
  • Sun and air dried.
  • Not oven dried so no CO2 emissions.
  • Weight of 600-625 kg per crate / Total 1.15m³.
  • The dimensions of the crates are 80 x 120 x 120 cm.
  • Available from stock to your front door.
  • Best value on the market, weight versus volume.
  • Attractive offers from 5 crates.
  • Can also be ordered in big bags at a neighborhood location, for a joint neighbor order.

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