Eucalyptus wood for your fireplace FSC®

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When autumn arrives in Europe, with cold, windy and wet weather, it is time to lighten up the fireplace or the wood stove. Nothing better than to relax with a class of red wine at a crackling fire.

SlowWwood offers a eucalyptus wood variant that is extremely suitable for the fireplace or stove. Due to the high density (800kg/m3), this firewood burns 2 times longer than its European brothers (Ash, Oak, Beech, etc). It gives a beautiful play of flames with yellow and light red flames and a lot of heat, making it particularly suitable for fireplaces, wood / potbelly stoves and fire pits. After the wood has been cut, the logs are left to dry in the African sun for at least 2 months, so it contains <15% moisture, making it easy to light and does not smoke, which benefits your flue. Wood is extracted from planted forests, which reduces CO2 emissions (carbon footprint). When you buy a crate of SlowWwood, you also support the local communities for which employment has been created.

  • The wood has a high density at approx. 900 kg/m3 at 11 – 20% moisture content and therefore burns much longer than most alternative wood species such as Oak, Beach, Ash etc.
  • It lightens easy due to its low moisture content, hence less smoke in the beginning, which is also better for the chimney.
  • The fire has pleasant yellow and red flames and the wood makes long glowing coals which gives a lot of heat. It burns eventually to a white ash, hence less cleaning.
  • This wood comes from durable sources, where the 100% FSC® trademark guarantees that the wood comes from well-managed, sustainable plantations. FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council and is an worldwide trademark for responsible forest exploitation. This means that also the ecological , social and economic aspects of the local forest exploitation are taken into account. Not only by proper forest management, but also to make sure that the local population will benefit from the forest. Longer burning time, 60% cheaper to use than European hardwood.
  • Not mixed with other species.
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